L5R Poster Book Coming Soon

The Legend of the Five Rings Poster Book is coming in July

Coming in July from Aconyte Books is the Legend of the Five Rings Poster Book, collecting together deluxe poster-sized prints of 24 of the finest pieces of Legend of the Five Rings art, including the complete set of Francesca Baerald’s clan domain maps.

All seven Great Clans are represented, with art depicting some of their greatest heroes and maps charting their domains, as well as scenes from across the land of Rokugan itself.

The poster book format allows fans to enjoy this great art as an oversized coffee table book or alternatively to pull out favourite scenes for framing and mounting on the wall, to show your clan allegiance or add extra atmosphere to your gaming sessions. Featuring a deluxe easy-to-remove binding, prints can easily be removed without damaging either the poster or the book’s binding.

Each poster measures 11” x 16”, with art on one side only so there’s no difficult choices to be made about which side to display. You can see the full range of 24 prints included in the book below

The Legend of the Five Rings Poster Book is on sale July 9, and is available to pre-order now wherever books are sold. For more information, visit the Aconyte Books website.

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