The Clan Wars come to Rokugan

Enter a realm of heroism, magic, and steel, where warring samurai clans clash for power and prestige, duel for love and revenge, and fight to save the very soul of Rokugan.

The Emerald Throne sits empty...

Without a strong Emperor to unite them, the Great Clans have turned against each other. As civil war rages, the empire’s most ancient enemy returns. Seven heroes must rise, or the realm will fall.

This is their legend…

Who will you
fight for?

The seven Great Clans have defended the Emerald Empire for a thousand years. Through times of peace and war, the samurai of the stalwart Crab, the elegant Crane, the enigmatic Dragon, the courageous Lion, the mystical Phoenix, the cunning Scorpion, and the far-ranging Unicorn have competed for power and influence. But as the trust between them fractures, those struggles turn ever bloodier. Former allies become fierce adversaries, and unlikely pacts are forged between ancient enemies.

While conflict and political intrigues divide the clans, the true threat awaits in the darkness of the Shadowlands, beyond the vast Carpenter Wall. There, in the twisted wastes, the minions of a fallen god plot the downfall of the Empire. Armies of demons, monsters, and undead are marshaling under a bloody banner, poised to conquer Rokugan at last.

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Venture into the epic fantasy world of the Legend of the Five Rings through these novels, role-playing games, and collectibles.

The World of
Legend Of The Five Rings

Rokugan is the setting for the famed Legend of the Five Rings series of tabletop games, beloved by fans for over twenty-five years. Originally launched as a collectible card game in 1995, the world of Legend of the Five Rings continues to expand through a diverse range of games as well as an acclaimed series of novels from Aconyte Books. Learn more about this rich fantasy setting, and delve into a world where samurai, shinobi, monks, mystics, and courtiers from the seven Great Clans must choose between duty and desire, justice and loyalty, and glory and destiny.

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