Behold the Art of the Emerald Empire

Rokugan: The Art of Legend of the Five Rings is on sale now!

Stunning art and illustration from the Japanese-inspired fantasy realms of Rokugan, the setting for the famed Legend of the Five Rings series of games.

For more than a quarter of a century, Rokugan has provided the setting for one of tabletop gaming’s most beloved sagas, Legend of the Five Rings. Now, Aconyte Books has collected the very finest artwork from the Legend of the Five Rings series of games — including the card games and roleplaying games — in a single volume. Rokugan: The Art of Legend of the Five Rings is now available for sale in the US wherever good books are sold, as well as digitally as a global ebook!

Across 192 full-color pages, each of the seven Great Clans, as well as the Imperial families and the Shadowlands Horde, is showcased in a dedicated chapter with accompanying lore. Art from across the Emerald Empire, as well as the Scorpion Clan Coup, are also collected for the first time in this visual guide. It’s the perfect way for longtime fans of the game to relive their favorite moments of L5R history, but it’s also a wonderful source of visual and narrative inspiration for fantasy art lovers and newcomers to the setting who are curious to learn more. You can get a sneak peek and download a preview PDF here.

Visit the Aconyte Books product page for Rokugan: The Art of Legend of the Five Rings and order a copy today from your preferred retailer! Folks in the UK can pre-order their copy in advance of the December 7th release date.

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