A Lion With No Pride

A first look at some new art

Some say there is a lion with no pride wandering the plains, drifting from village to village on a dusty road without end. He does not stay long, stopping only long enough to find his next meal before moving on for reasons unknown. Some of the local lowlife scavengers have thought him easy pickings with his threadbare clothes, unkempt hair, and fraying sandals. But he has not forgotten how to kill a man, and his katana remains as deadly sharp as it was before he became a rōnin.

Some say that he is Akodo Toturi, the former leader of the Lion Clan who renounced his lands and titles. Others say he is a fallen monk who stooped to selling his blade for rice and shelter. Still others believe he must have been born a peasant, for why else would he risk his life for the most humble souls of Rokugan?

Whoever he is, surrounded by laughing farmers bringing in the harvest, he eyes the far horizon, where storm clouds gather. Lightning flashes, calling the Thunder. The rōnin begins his long road.

We are excited to share a first glimpse of the upcoming Clan Wars with this lavish illustration of Toturi the Rōnin by Mauro Dal Bo. Bookmark this website to keep up with all the latest Legend of the Five Rings news, and subscribe to the Asmodee newsletter to receive updates directly in your inbox.

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