Visit the Aconyte Books Booth at Gen Con

Special discounts, show exclusives, and an author signing are happening at Booth #455!

Our friends at Aconyte Books are at Gen Con this year, and they’ve brought with them a Phoenix Clan library’s worth of Legend of the Five Rings books for sale, including two show exclusives! Stop by Booth #455 to check out all their awesome offerings.

The Soul of Iuchiban is available for purchase in advance only at Gen Con, Rokugan: The Art of the Legend of the Five Rings was available but has since sold out on the very first day. In the lavish hardcover art book, iconic pieces from the L5R roleplaying and card games are presented in their full glory, taking the game’s many fans and lovers of fantasy art on a journey through this extraordinary fantasy world. You can check out a preview of the art book here.  And The Soul of Iuchiban, sequel to The Heart of Iuchiban by Evan Dicken, deals with Iuchiban’s escape from his tomb and ties into the upcoming Tomb of Iuchiban campaign for the Adventures in Rokugan roleplaying game. You can read a sample chapter here.

If you’re not able to make it to the show, The Soul of Iuchiban is slated to release in the US and as a global ebook on September 5 (November 23 in the UK), and the Legend of the Five Rings art book will go on sale on October 3 in the US and as a global ebook (December 7 in the UK).

Author Signing

Evan Dicken, author of the Iuchiban duology as well as the epic fantasy tale To Chart the Clouds, will be at the booth (#455) at 1:00pm on Friday, August 4, to sign all three of his Legend of the Five Rings novels from Aconyte Books.

In his Iuchiban duology, something is wrong in the Emerald Empire. The emperor is ailing, the court is weak and the Great Clans threaten to escalate their petty squabbling into all-out war. But in the shadows, another threat lurks—sinister Bloodspeaker cults attempt to resurrect the forgotten sorcerer Iuchiban, who possesses a power so great it could destroy all of Rokugan.

In To Chart the Clouds, diligent yet unappreciated clerk Miya Isami develops a new triangulation technique for map-making, but her traditionalist superiors at the Imperial Cartographic Bureau heap scorn upon her. When her novel approach exposes a swathe of missing land on the border between Scorpion and Lion Clan territories, Isami stumbles onto something far more significant than a mere mapping error…

Special Discounts

At the Aconyte booth, they’re running an amazing sale for anyone looking to stock their clan library: buy two books for $25 or three books for $30! This means you can pick up both the Heart and Soul of Iuchiban horror duology by Evan Dicken, the Night Parade of 100 Demons and Game of 100 Candles supernatural adventures by Marie Brennan, or begin or expand your collection of the Daidoji Shin mysteries by Josh Reynolds at a great price!

You can check out the full catalogue of Aconyte Books’ Legend of the Five Rings novels here. And don’t forget to visit Aconyte’s web site or their social media accounts to stay up to date with all their new L5R offerings: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube.

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