The Tale of Iuchiban

The powerful blood sorcerer Iuchiban comes to Rokugan in novels, RPGs, and minis this fall.

Rooted deep in the annals of Rokugan’s history is a place shrouded in speculation and foreboding legend: the Tomb of Iuchiban. The tomb is the rumored final resting place of the malevolent blood sorcerer and master of names, Iuchiban, a once-mortal man who has threatened the very foundation of the Empire more than once. For centuries, his tomb has lured both the noble-hearted and treacherous with promises of forbidden knowledge and dangerous artifacts.

Whether brave or fool-hardy, those that venture into the tomb’s hidden depths are sure to face great adversity. With the promise of forgotten power, one question remains: will they succumb to the allure of dark magic? Or will they rise above it to forge a path toward redemption and enlightenment?

This fall, you can experience the tale of Iuchiban and his Bloodspeaker cults for yourself through a collection of novels from Aconyte Books, a roleplaying game campaign from Edge Studio, and miniatures from Loot Studios.

In Evan Dicken’s Iuchiban duology, sinister Bloodspeaker cults are attempting to resurrect the forgotten sorcerer Iuchiban, who possesses a power so great it could destroy all of Rokugan. Seven samurai must enter his legendary tomb to stop Iuchiban’s return, but will their sacrifices be enough? The saga begins in The Heart of Iuchiban, which is available now online and in stores, and the second book, The Soul of Iuchiban, will release in the US and as a global ebook on September 5 (November 23 in the UK).

The Tomb of Iuchiban offers players and game masters a chance to plumb his lethal tomb in this epic adventure—whether they choose to play as heroes, villains, or something in between. This roleplaying game campaign for Adventures in Rokugan uses the 5th edition open-source SRD ruleset. You can pre-order Tomb of Iuchiban online or at your friendly local game store ahead of its release on September 22. Readers of the novels will have additional insights to help them survive the killer dungeon, but there will still be plenty of devious tricks for the game master to deploy to keep their players guessing…

And for those fans who have access to a 3D printer and want to bring Iuchiban to their tabletop as a stunning miniature, Asmodee and Loot Studios partnered up to present the first L5R official 3D printable models, available now for free on their website. The diorama features Iuchiban and his nemesis Daigotsu from a classic era of the story. These highly detailed and realistic minis come in both 32mm and 75mm scales, and they are pre-supported so you can start your print right away.

Whether you’re an avid follower of the Legend of the Five Rings or a newcomer to this captivating world, the Tomb of Iuchiban beckons with its promise of adventure, intrigue, and the opportunity to delve into the depths of a supernatural legacy. Dare you challenge the depths of horror and discover the true price of forbidden power?

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