Welcome to Our New Domain

Introducing the brand-new website for all things Rokugan and Legend of the Five Rings!

We are excited to share with you the brand-new website for the Legend of the Five Rings brand, which will serve as the epicenter for news, lore, and upcoming products set in this beloved epic fantasy world.

Bookmark this page to get all of the latest updates in one place. Delve into the lore of Rokugan by reading about the seven Great Clans of samurai: the stalwart Crab, the elegant Crane, the enigmatic Dragon, the valiant Lion, the mystical Phoenix, the cunning Scorpion, and the far-ranging Unicorn. Each of these clans controls a significant portion of the Emerald Empire in the name of the Emperor, and they defend the realm from the nightmarish creatures that emerge from the blighted Shadowlands.  You can also check out the range of products available, including roleplaying games and novels and art books.

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