The Tomb of Iuchiban

Hear the call, find the tomb. Achieve greatness, or die in the pursuit of your desires…

For centuries, the powerful and seemingly eternal sorcerer of blood and names, Iuchiban, has manipulated the hearts and minds of countless mortals, twisting and corrupting them to better suit his grand machinations. For those who have heard of him, he is little more than a myth to scare away those who might try to dabble in forbidden arts. Part of Iuchiban’s legend is his tomb—some say it is his final resting place, or that it contains his still-beating heart. This place and its master are a temptation for the wicked and the damned, and a bastion of evil yet to be destroyed by those bound by duty or by the morality of their hearts… 

Edge Studio has just announced Tomb of Iuchiban, a 144-page campaign for the Adventures in Rokugan game line set in the iconic Legend of the Five Rings setting. Packed with action, horror, moral quandaries, and plenty of strange enemies and puzzles, this adventure is delightfully dangerous and potently perilous. This product takes its inspiration from the classic adventure of the same name originally published by Alderac Entertainment Group in the late 1990s, but it offers a fresh experience for game masters and players alike and uses the 5th edition open-source SRD ruleset. 

In the Tomb of Iuchiban, the player characters set out on a journey to find the legendary blood sorcerer’s tomb and defeat its trials. The first part of the campaign is set in the Scorpion-controlled City of Lies and features challenges worthy of 8th level characters. The second half of the campaign, designed for characters of 10th level and above, is the Tomb of Iuchiban itself, which comprises over a dozen unique dungeon rooms, new enemies, and devious puzzles. 

Will you delve into the tomb to destroy it and Iuchiban once and for all, or do you seek to plunder the tomb for the evil artifacts and forbidden lore contained within? The campaign is designed to support groups of characters with good or evil intentions, or groups that have a mix of both, and it comes with new characters options that tie directly into the themes and magic of the campaign: the sorcery of the Bloodspeakers and the Way of Names. 

This fall, you can experience the tale of Iuchiban and his Bloodspeaker cults for yourself. Tomb of Iuchiban arrives in stores on September 22! In the meantime, don’t miss the novels from Aconyte that complete the Iuchiban collection: The Heart of Iuchiban by Evan Dicken is available now wherever good books are sold. The sequel, The Soul of Iuchiban, becomes available in the US and as a global ebook on September 5. Finally, Asmodee and Loot Studios partnered up to present the first L5R official 3D printable models featuring Iuchiban from a classic era of the story, available now for free on their website. 

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