The Forbidden Tomb Opens

The Tomb of Iuchiban adventure is on sale now!

For centuries, the powerful and seemingly eternal sorcerer of blood and names, Iuchiban, has manipulated the hearts and minds of countless mortals, twisting and corrupting them to better suit his grand machinations. For those who have heard of him, he is little more than a myth to scare away those who might try to dabble in forbidden arts. Part of Iuchiban’s legend is his tomb—some say it is his final resting place, or that it contains his still-beating heart. This place and its master are a temptation for the wicked and the damned, and a bastion of evil yet to be destroyed by those bound by duty or by the morality of their hearts…

Your chance to plumb Iuchiban’s lethal tomb has arrived!  The 144-page epic adventure is on sale now at your friendly local game store, on DriveThruRPG, and—we’re very excited to announce—on Roll20!

That’s right, Adventures in Rokugan, the Game Master’s Kit, and Tomb of Iuchiban are all available to purchase on the browser-based virtual tabletop platform Roll20. It’s the easiest way to play Adventures in Rokugan online, whether you’re gamemastering a campaign or playing in one. Quickly create characters with interactive character sheets, confront the enemies of the Emerald Empire using over 180 custom tokens and 160 art handouts, look up the rules for AiR-specific classes and species in the compendium, and explore the lore of Rokugan and the Great Clans, all without downloading additional software.

Whether you’re an avid follower of the Legend of the Five Rings or a newcomer to this captivating world, the Tomb of Iuchiban beckons with its promise of adventure, intrigue, and the opportunity to delve into the depths of a supernatural legacy. Dare you challenge the depths of horror and discover the true price of forbidden power?

And don’t miss the The Heart and Soul of Iuchiban duology from Aconyte Books—available now at bookstores and as ebooks—to unveil the secrets of the first Bloodspeaker and shed light on the challenges you’ll face in his forbidden tomb. With the release of Tomb of Iuchiban, the Tales of Iuchiban are now complete.

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