River of Gold Ships August 2nd

L5R comes to the table in an all-new way!

River of Gold brings Legend of the Five Rings to the table in an all-new way! Whether you’re a euro-gamer or a fan of the franchise, you won’t want to miss this upcoming board game. Explore the world of Rokugan through economy-focused mechanics, classic rivalry between clans, and an original water colored game board painted by Francesca Baerald featuring captivating gold detailing. Will you reign over the River of Gold? Pre-order yours today and be ready to set sail when the game releases on August 2!

Watch the announcement video from Office Dog here:

A River of Endless Prosperity

River of Gold reveals a whole new side of the rich world of L5R, where players take on the roles of merchants representing the samurai clans of Rokugan. Embark on a captivating journey down one of the rivers of Rokugan—invest in ports, markets, and shrines; build influence with manor houses; and deliver valuable contracts to amass wealth and rise above your rivals. You’ll need to vie for the Emperor’s favor, won only through reputation and riches.

At the center of the Legend of the Five Rings are seven Great Clans – the stalwart Crab, the elegant Crane, the enigmatic Dragon, the valiant Lion, the mystical Phoenix, the cunning Scorpion, and the far-ranging Unicorn. Many minor clans also populate the Emerald Empire, including the seafaring Mantis Clan whose recent fortunes have been rising with the tide. Each clan controls a portion of Rokugan in the name of the Emperor, and in River of Gold, players have the choice to represent the Crab, Crane, Mantis, or Scorpion clans.

A Quick-Flowing Game

As with most eurogames, there are many moving pieces and strategies to manage. Turns are quick, starting with a dice roll to determine your movement – players are managing two boats that start at different ports and can use divine favor to adjust dice rolls, making for more strategy than dice rolls typically allow. From there, players will choose to construct buildings, collect wares, and complete valuable contracts. Gain riches and influence to earn the Emperor’s favor and bring glory to your clan.

Coming to Stores August 2nd

Gen Con 2024 attendees have an opportunity to engage in River of Gold related commerce ahead of everyone else on August 1, with the hobby retail release following quickly on August 2. It’ll be an event to behold as the golden river is rolled out for clan patrons from all across Rokugan! … Okay, maybe that’s an exaggeration, but we’ll have something cool set up and welcome fans from all clans to come celebrate the release with us. Look for Learn to Play events all four days in the Asmodee corner of the Event Hall. Space is limited, so get your tickets early!

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