Legend of
 the Five Rings Roleplaying

As a samurai of the Emerald Empire, your duty lies in service to your lord, your Clan, and your Emperor. Will you stay true to your duty, no matter what sacrifices it demands of you? Or will you hold true to your own personal code, even to the point of death?

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Celestial Realms
The Essential Guide to the Spirit Realms and the Phoenix Clan
Courts of Stone
The Essential Guide to Castles and Politics in Rokugan and the Crane Clan
Emerald Empire
The Essential Guide to Rokugan and the Imperial Families
Fields of Victory
The Essential Guide to Warfare in Rokugan and the Lion Clan
Path of Waves
The Essential Guide to Rōnin and Foreign Lands
The Essential Guide to the Domain of Fu Leng and the Crab Clan
Writ of the Wilds
The Essential Guide to Wilderness Survival and the Dragon Clan
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