Announcing the River of Gold Short Story Series

Choose the clan that will decide the fate of the river

In the mystical realm of Rokugan, the fortunes of the samurai clans  rise and fall with the tides of the River of Gold. Wherever it flows, gold coins seem to follow, enriching the ports, manors, markets, and shrines along its banks. For centuries, this waterway has incited rivalry between the clans, for whoever controls the river controls the destiny of Rokugan.

Now, a new threat has appeared on the horizon, as a brazen river pirate fleet dares to plunder the merchants protected by the clans. It falls to the lords of the Crab, Crane, Scorpion, and Mantis Clans to end the river pirates’ raids before they threaten the prosperity of the Emerald Empire. Which clan will be the one to put a stop to the so-called “pirate prince” and reap the rewards of his capture? YOU will decide in this special short story series!

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Part 1: River of Gold
Part 2: The Business of the Crab

A Game of Rivals and Riches

In the River of Gold board game, players take on the role of river merchants allied with legendary samurai clans, each vying to exploit the river to earn wealth, glory, and wisdom. Will you invest in developing ports, markets, shrines, and more along the banks of the busy river? Or will you rely upon sailing the River of Gold, growing your wealth and influence through delivery contracts, visiting the nobility, and garnering a bit of divine favor during tough times?

The four clans featured in the game are the stalwart Crab, the elegant Crane, the cunning Scorpion, and the seafaring Mantis. The optional Clan Patrons mini-expansion (included in the game) provides each clan with unique abilities and new ways to win. Depending on your chosen clan, you will be able to enjoy the patronage of famed characters such as Bayushi Kachiko, Daidoji Uji, Yasuki Taka, and Yoritomo. The game releases on August 2nd, with copies available for purchase early at Gen Con!

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Troubled Waters

Starting today, we’re unveiling the first part of the River of Gold short story series, which introduces the threat posed by the pirate prince and what it means for the people who rely on the river’s bounty. Over the coming weeks leading up to the game’s launch, we’ll see how the river pirates have affected the four playable clans in the game, and what those clans’ leaders plan to do about it. After the fifth story, we’ll launch a poll where you can vote for the clan you think has the best chance of defeating the pirate prince, ensuring the waters of the River of Gold are safe once more.

The sixth and final story will feature the winning clan as picked by you. The results of the vote will also have ripple effects on the upcoming Clan Wars storyline, continuing L5R’s long tradition of the fans steering the outcome of the story. While the Clan Wars’ most defining moments have already been determined by the players of the 1990s, there is still a great deal of story yet to tell. So make sure to bookmark this page and check back every week for your chance to shape the future of the Legend of the Five Rings story!

Prepare to Set Sail

Read or listen to the first episode of the River of Gold short story series on our website, and stay tuned to vote in the poll to determine which clan will decide the fate of the pirate prince! Learn more and get your copy of River of Gold, the exciting new game in the world of Legend of the Five Rings from Office Dog, here.

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