The Enigmatic
Dragon Clan

For a thousand years, the Dragon Clan has watched over the other clans, recording the history of the Empire so that when the day of destiny is at hand, Rokugan will stand ready. Dragon samurai are aloof and inscrutable, pursuing their strange and individual interests without regard for how the other clans see them. It is said that Dragon alchemists and courtiers are warriors, their warriors are monks, and their monks are inexplicable. Many of its members are ascetic, dedicating their lives to meditation and spiritual study, while others are deeply immersed in the wider world, seeking to understand the rhythms and secrets of nature. By following their founder’s teachings and cultivating personal wisdom, the Dragon can not only understand the past, but also compose the future.

( Clan Duties )
“Find you own path.”

The Dragon Clan stands apart from the rest of Rokugan, ensconced in the forbidding mountains of their domain, where its samurai cultivate their skills and discipline without distraction. The Dragon Clan rarely participates as actively in the politics of the Empire as other clans do—and when they do intervene, it is often for reasons others can only guess at. The secret of the Dragon Clan is their founder’s foresight, which many members of the clan still follow—knowingly or not—to this day.

Unlike the other Great Clans, the Dragon have no obvious special responsibilities beyond the administration of their mountainous domain. The clan’s founder, Togashi, always said that the clan’s purpose was to watch over Rokugan, and the first Emperor seemed to trust his enigmatic brother. Togashi’s inner circle knows that one purpose of the clan is to continue Togashi’s endless duel with his lost brother and perhaps someday find a way to save him.

( Character spotlight )


Though she is young, Mirumoto Hitomi is already a great warrior in the Dragon Clan and a master of her family’s technique of dual-wielding swords, the Two-Heavens Style. She pursues the way of the warrior with an almost ascetic intensity, and she keeps her head shaved in the style of monks to maintain her focus on her art. Short-spoken and to the point, many consider her as cold as the mountain peaks she hails from. Yet behind her stoic exterior, Hitomi seethes with unquenched rage.

As a young girl, Hitomi witnessed the duel between her older brother Satsu and the hot-headed Crab Clan samurai Hida Yakamo. She watched in horror as Satsu was brutally killed, as she could do nothing to stop Yakamo. Since that day, Hitomi has burned with hatred for her brother’s killer and remains vigilant for the chance to seek her revenge. But first, she must follow the cryptic orders given to her the by the prophetic leader of the Dragon Clan, Togashi Yokuni: find the missing prince.

( Clan Culture )
“I see nothing more than you do. You look the wrong way.” – Togashi

The Dragon Clan is diverse in its pursuits, even among members of the same schools and traditions. However, it is unified in one philosophy—a philosophy of commitment to the betterment of oneself and, therefore, the betterment of the whole Empire. Despite the individuality displayed by Dragon Clan samurai, they have been united in their task to record the lessons learned from its failures and victories, which occasionally means coming down from their seclusion in the northern mountains to experience the Empire face-to-face.

In the centuries since the founders of Rokugan fell to earth, Togashi’s followers have acquired a reputation for being philosophical and worldly in equal parts. Togashi’s acolytes are known for their esoteric practices, innate curiosity, and veritable tradition of disregarding tradition—at least in the eyes of the other clans. People expect them to be insightful and humble, but also unpredictable, individualistic, and even dangerous. They tend to look at problems from unexpected angles, and they seek solutions others might not consider.

The families of the Dragon Clan strive to emulate the wisdom of their founder.

The Togashi Order

The Togashi Tattooed Order of monks was founded by Togashi’s earliest followers. For a thousand years, it has trained its ise zumi in the ways of martial and spiritual discipline.

The Mirumoto Family

The family of warriors known for Mirumoto’s unique “Two-Heavens” style governs the Dragon Clan’s holdings and leads its armies.

The Kitsuki Family

The courtiers of the Kitsuki family are both renowned and maligned for their investigators who value physical evidence in determining the truth.

The Agasha Family

The mystics of the Agasha family study the physical and spiritual worlds, and their inquiry into the five elements developed into an alchemical tradition.

( Clan DOMAIN )
The Lands of the Dragon

The Dragon Clan inhabits the harsh mountains to the north. The landscape is stark yet beautiful, the barren rock shaped by volcanic eruptions, rushing rivers, and spectacular waterfalls. To many travelers, the mountains seem inhospitable, yet Togashi’s followers have carved out a place for themselves in these hinterlands where they can contemplate the world and its lessons. The ancestral home of the Mirumoto daimyō, Last Glance Castle, is predominantly a fortress and headquarters to the small but formidable Dragon army. Further north, the forbidding High House of Light is seemingly impossible to find unless one is meant to. Here, the Togashi Tattooed Order meditates, studies the Teachings of Shinsei, hones their martial arts, and prepares for their destiny.

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